Haltija Records!

A record label based in Spokane Valley. All music produced is original music by Justan Rahming and Cesar Torres.

  • Started in 2014, Haltija Records is the collaboration of Justan Rahming and Cesar Torres. Starting out as a solo project named”Justan Rahming’s Haltija” (or just Haltija) recorded many homes styled recordings. Using the recording stylings of Haltija, Cesar and Justan began writing music under the name Unity. Using the name of the solo project, the umbrella recording project became Haltija Records. Using a home style recording method, Hatlija has produced metal,rock, dubstep, chiptunes, alternative, and classical pieces. All music is written, played, and recorded by Justan and Cesar. All art is done by Cesar Torres.
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Learning how to fix mistakes: Rotoscoping (not a tutorial)

Click on Photo to see video

Click on Photo to see video

In this clip the bag of “Cocaine” was too dark. The bag its self was pulled out of Cesar’s backpack, it had been used to keep all of his drawing pencils, so it was black filled with led marks. We were shooting on the fly so we had no other choice but to use it. Looking back I was not satisfied at how the bag looked, it didn’t look like cocaine, but thanks to After Effects, there was a solution.


So we (mostly Omar) have been working on projects we started a while ago and finishing them up. So this week we have 3 Videos we put up. We finished reediting Doom, we finished one installment of Drummer Bear, and an old video of Israel’s called Atlas Securities. With finishing these we have also got most of PDG2 done, just a few edits and music and it will be out! So enjoy what we just put up, give us suggestions for Drummer Bear, and stay tuned for PDG2 coming very soon.



Lately IFT hasnt had much to put out, but that doesnt mean that we havent been working. We have been working on PDG2 and are almost done with it. Just a few pick up shots and we are pretty much done. We took a job for the Santa Clarita Muslim community and are in the final stages of that. We are going back to re-edit “My Life Is Doom” to make it shorter and just give it a new IFT look. One big thing that we have done is started our own sports club called AC Sláinte. It is mostly a Soccer club but we have added all the other activities that we have done in our time in IFT. We are also working on a logo for the club and will be making uniforms, so that will be cool. Omar has a project due that I am personally excited to do. I will be the main character first of all, and we get to go camping. He finished the script and we will be filming shortly. So that is pretty much in short what we have been doing. Since we are almost done with a lot of these things, there will be a lot of updates (hopefully). Also look around the site cus we added more things that will be updated more frequently. Look out for all that new stuff soon


IFT 2011

IFT the Idea/party studio is undergoing a lot of changes, with the new school semester coming up means less time for other things. Only time will tell how we hold through. Like a ship in a storm, I hope we see sunny skies. We are currently working on a new project, The life and times of Cesar Torres (working title) with our newest member Ish. After that we have a huge list of things we need to get done that have been backed up since 2009, like PASIONES DEL GATO 2 and the MY LIFE IS DOOM re-edit and countless other things, we always have new projects piling on, it never ends. We desperately need a second computer.